50 Remedies for Bee and Wasp Stings

If you are stung by a wasp or bee, it can range from excruciating pain to throbbing, dull pain that stays on your mind all week.  People’s pain tolerances may vary, but you can manage the symptoms to speed up the recovery, or at least reduce the stress which accompanies it.  We’re going to go over the internet’s top 50 remedies to see how they stack up.

5 Tips for Rat Removal & Prevention

5 Tips for Rat Removal & Prevention

After termites, rodent infestations are probably one of the greatest fears of homeowners, in-terms of property destruction and overall level of phobia.  The subtle sounds of scratch or gnawing of wood is enough to send chills up most people’s spines.  Seeing a rat in the flesh can literally make you want to scale the nearest piece of furniture or go to battle with a broom in-hand.  

Keeping Wasps from Colonising your Home

Keeping Wasps from Colonising your Home

sects are less pronounced in the colder seasons, however, there’s no time like the present to start planning for their return. Wasps can be an especially tough critter to fend off, they can turn from an intimidating annoyance to an aggressive monster in the blink of an eye. This is because you have no idea of knowing if they have decided to park their nest on a piece of furniture or niche in your home.

Effective Ways to Prevent Ant Problems

Ants are marching in your house and just the sight of them makes you want to either stomp in a tantrum or run off on an improvised vacation while your house is tented by an Ealing pest control service. You should step back, take a deep breath, and try to see if you can get the best of these ants, first. You just can’t figure out why they keep coming in, you try to keep the house clean and as crumb-free as possible, but they still keep coming.

Increased Number of Pest Sightings?

Have you noticed an increase in the number of sightings of creepy-crawlers around your house?  What about in your house?  One is too many if you have a rat problem, of course.  Some of these pests that you see are typically just the scouts looking for a food or water source, you don’t want to wait around to find out if they’ve already made themselves welcome to your comfortable, climate-controlled home. You’re better off calling our pest control team in Barnet to see just what kind of situation you have on-hand.

Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of and Prevent Rats

The very nature of a rodent’s behaviour and life makes it hard for just about any homeowner to conquer on their first go.  These pests certainly pose a threat to the value of your home and health of the occupants.  If you are unsure if you have a rat or mouse problem, take a look at some of these bits of information to help determine if calling a North London pest control company might be the answer.