Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of and Prevent Rats

Rat scurrying in a pile of leaves

The very nature of a rodent’s behaviour and life makes it hard for just about any homeowner to conquer on their first go.  These pests certainly pose a threat to the value of your home and health of the occupants.  If you are unsure if you have a rat or mouse problem, take a look at some of these bits of information to help determine if calling a North London pest control company might be the answer.

Rats and Mice

There are some differences and lots of similarity between these two guys.  Both of these rodents are going to be hard to defend against if they found a way in through your foundation.  You will typically see one when it’s in the dead of the night and they are searching for food and water in the kitchen.  

Rats may also be detected by sound if you hear a squeak or chirping sound coming from under or near the perimeter of your house.  The sound is more of a vibration that you would mistake for a cricket, not the typical cartoon-style squeak most think of.

Mice can be even harder to detect than rats, they make less noise, are smaller, and can fit through cracks, rather than chew their way in like rats typically do.  Mice will go through and contaminate all your food as it figures out what it likes best, this is a living nightmare for stocked pantries.

Erecting a proper Defence

Rats and Mice that are spotted on your property will usually mean they are traveling with a bunch of their friends.  They will breed year-round and reproduce non-stop, so even if you scare off one, it doesn’t mean you’re okay for now.  You don’t know if you have an infestation until the perimeter is thoroughly checked.

Ideally, you want to have a combination of a strong foundation with little incentive for any rodent to come check out your home.  That means taking care of your perishables and keeping them locked away behind plastic, metal, or glass, rather than cardboard.  Garbage is a big attracter, of course, you should never leave a full bag of last night’s dinner scraps to waft through the cracks of your home and alert any potential rodents of food inside the home.  If it’s sitting inside the heavy-duty garbage cans, they will eventually give up and move on.

If you’ve already experienced signs of rats continually showing up on the perimeter of your property, though, you might want to call a professional in North London for pest control and prevention.  They can provide safe and effect means of repellents to prevent entry into the home, or, eliminate where they are coming from if it is the worst case scenario and you think you’ve spotted one inside already.

Rat traps and baits have very limited success, rodents are smart, so if they’ve already seen that type of trap or poison do damage to their buddies, they will learn not to trust them.  Pest control experts can employ a multi-faceted approach to insure that no rodent will ever invade your home again.