Increased Number of Pest Sightings?

North London Pest Control team inspecting kitchen sink

Have you noticed an increase in the number of sightings of creepy-crawlers around your house?  What about in your house?  One is too many if you have a rat problem, of course.  Some of these pests that you see are typically just the scouts looking for a food or water source, you don’t want to wait around to find out if they’ve already made themselves welcome to your comfortable, climate-controlled home. You’re better off calling our pest control team in Barnet to see just what kind of situation you have on-hand.

Here are some common pests and their habits to give you a better idea of how serious things might be for a potential infestation without a professional pest controller.


The worst of the worst.  The invisible itch that stays with you well-after you’ve been bitten.  While these pests are synonymous with pets, you can get fleas without ever owning one.  Since these little blood suckers are so small and resilient, they can hop from host to host and lay their eggs to wait in dormant until ready to hatch, which can take months after the adult fleas have been killed.  This is what makes flea infestations so frustrating.  You need a professional pest controller in Barnet to be able to treat your carpets, while you keep your linens and pets taken care of, until you finally have a safe barrier of protection from re-infestations.


No matter how clean your home is, there is always the slight chance that a mouse can find its way inside and attempt to find a place to hide and make it its new home.  Usually, a mice will try to exploit a weakness or a small hole in your home’s foundation.  The insulation that surrounds pipes is a common place, to start.  Even if they don’t gain entry, they can cause damage to your home if they smell trash or detect warm air and try to find their way in.  Call pest control in North London at the first sign of rodent droppings or if you hear what might be squeaks, sometimes mistaken for frogs, outside your home.

Bed Bugs

While a lot of hype is made about bed bugs, and how they can quickly take over your mattress, causing you to have to buy a whole new one, deep clean carpets, and etc.  These things can get out of hand if you detect them too late, when they are visibly stacking-up within the crevices of your beds or other clothe material.  If you do notice that while cleaning your bed regularly, your mattress is a bit dirty looking, it might be best to call pest control in Barnet to get an expert opinion on things.  They can swiftly eliminate the threat and keep them from every coming back.  This can save you a nice mattress, if caught early.

Remember, don’t let you paranoia get the best of you, if you are unsure if you have an insect problem, or a rodent problem, just save yourself the stress and let an exterminator handle the inspection, as they know exactly what to look for and how to test your home for invaders.  If you wait too long and get a real infestation on your hands, you could end-up hurting the value of your home.