Effective Ways to Prevent Ant Problems

Line of ants crawling through hole in the wall

Ants are marching in your house and just the sight of them makes you want to either stomp in a tantrum or run off on an improvised vacation while your house is tented by an Ealing pest control service. You should step back, take a deep breath, and try to see if you can get the best of these ants, first. You just can’t figure out why they keep coming in, you try to keep the house clean and as crumb-free as possible, but they still keep coming. It’s time to take the offensive, here are some ways to strike back and win the war against ants.

Knock-down their highways

What this means is eliminating their little orderly trails that lead in and out of your house.  Ants rely on chemical scents that they leave behind in order to “see” where to go. What you can do to throw them off is using some of your own scents to deter them. Vinegar and water is a great mix to create a barrier of unpleasant odour to them, and you don’t need much to do it. This method is the best step to take when you have only just encountered ants in a particular area for the first time, chances are this will not do much if it is a reoccurring invasion.

Cut off Access

Along with laying down a line of chemical defence, you’ll want to seal off any cracks that these guys might be getting through. Using caulk on any potential problem areas, like door cracks, windows, or walls can make the difference between winning the battle and winning the war. If you want to take this aggressive defence one step further, you can line the areas where you have spotted ants coming in with boric acid. This substance is non-toxic to humans and animals, but extremely toxic to insects; the powder is made up of tiny crystals that penetrate their exoskeletons.

Following the trail

If you really do have a visible trail that leads somewhere, it’s a good idea to investigate it first before simply putting up a barrier and hoping they give up.  If the ants have a nearby colony, they will never stop finding ways into your home. If you don’t have a clear beeline to a nest, you can still get them by using bait to deter them after eliminating the current trail they are using to get inside.  

You should go to your local home supply store and look for bait that targets the type of ants you have. Some ants are specifically attracted to sugars, while others go for grease or proteins. You can get bait that targets both, too, but some ants prefer liquid over solid baits, so you may need to experiment.

Killing the Queen

No matter what, if your bait solution doesn’t take, you will always be in perpetual war with the nest outside your home. You have to take out the queen and her colony, they won’t just up and decide to move somewhere, unless your neighbour has a sweet platter of food waiting for them every day. You may need to hire professional pest control in Ealing. Don’t be upset if you can’t beat them on your own, there’s a reason why ants have outlived the dinosaurs.